Weekly DevOps Roundup: June 12th, 2020

This Week in DevOps – AWS released a package management service. Azure enhanced Firewall and Monitor and released a live video analytics module. Google added hierarchical policies to their Firewall and table level access controls to BigQuery. HashiCorp released v2.0.0 of the VSCode Terraform extension, their first release since taking over stewardship of the project.


AWS::CodeArtifact – Introducing Package Management

CodeArtifact supports Maven Central, NPM and PyPi currently and the announcement claims there are more to come soon. Conspicuously missing is any support for Windows/NuGet packages. One can only guess this is due to lower projected demand from Windows users.

Organization of artifacts is based on domains like many traditional package managers. Since CodeArtifact is in general availability is should be available in all regions today.


Azure::Firewall – Forced tunneling and SQL FQDN filtering now available

Forced tunneling allows you to route all internet bound traffic through a local appliance or other gateway. It is available only on new instances of Firewall, existing instances cannot be upgraded to allow forced tunneling.

SQL FQDN filtering currently supports proxy-mode only (Port 1433). You can filter traffic to any of the Azure based SQL services plus IaaS deployments on your own Vnets.

Azure::Monitor – New features and insights

Azure added application level insights for log analytics workspaces and a new set of default insights for Azure resources. Application insights allows you to query application logs alongside infrastructure logs to quickly identify correlations.

Out of the box insights for Azure resources adds default insights to more Azure resource types, in addition to the previously supported containers, Vms and networks.

Azure::Files – On-Premise Active Directory Domain Services Auth support now generally available

Azure files users can now authenticate users via their on-premise active directory service. This allows migration of files to the cloud without reconfiguring authentication paradigms. Microsoft expedited the release of this feature to assist companies with remote work scenarios due to covid-19.

Azure::MediaServices – Introducing Live Video Analytics

Live Video Analytics (LVA) is a new IoT Edge service from Azure for live video streaming analytics. The platform can capture, record and analyze live video and publish the results.

LVA can be purchased as a module from the Azure Marketplace and is designed to run on an x86-64 edge device at the clients location. The system is pluggable. It can run custom analysis modules as well as modules trained with Azure machine learning

Google Cloud

GCP::BigQuery – Table level access controls

Google released column level access controls for BigQuery a few months ago followed by this announcement of table level access controls. This is incredibly helpful to users working to stay compliant with GDPR and similar data privacy regulations.

Table level access controls are in general availability now and can be used anywhere that BigQuery is available.

GCP::Firewall – Hierarchical policies and insights

Hierarchical policies allow organizations to apply uniform rules at the folder or network level. Insights is a new tool in beta which gives users greater visibility into their firewall data.

Hierarchical policies are inherited by child projects, folders and networks automatically. When applied they take effect for existing VMs as well as any new VMs created in a project.


HashiCorp::Terraform – Visual Studio Code extension v2.0.0 released

HashiCorp previously announced that they were taking over support for the Terraform VSCode extension and this is the first release since that announcement. This will undoubtedly be welcome news for users of VSCode.

The release includes a new Terraform Language Server which provides support for autocompletion. Proper syntax highlighting for Terraform 0.12 code is also included. HashiCorp has said that this release brings the extension up to date but it is only the beginning of their plans for the extension now that it is under their stewardship.

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