Weekly DevOps Roundup: May 29th, 2020

This Week in DevOps – AWS released a new Okta integration for SSO, Azure and Docker announced a new partnership and HashiCorp has released an alpha version of the Terraform Kubernetes provider. Read on to learn more about these and other announcements.


AWS::SSO – Single Sign on Support for Okta Universal Directory

AWS Single Sign On now supports Okta Universal Directory. AWS previously announced support for Azure Active Directory. This is undoubtedly a play for enterprise adoption. Active Directory integration was a potential point in favor of Azure prior to these announcements.

AWS::MarketPlace – SaaS contracts and renewals

SaaS contracts in AWS Marketplace can now be renegotiated, upgraded and renewed from the Marketplace console. Previously custom contracts required one to leave the AWS marketplace and negotiate directly with the vendor. This streamlines the licensing and contract process and makes it easier for customers and vendors.


Azure::ContainerInstances – New partnership with Docker

Azure and Docker have announced a new partnership to make it easier to deploy and manage Docker containers on Azure. The partnership seems to focus on bringing Azure Container functionality to the Docker Desktop application and streamlining the developer experience.

While the integration will undoubtedly be welcome for developers using Azure products, the announcement was lacking in specifics. It remains to be seen how far Docker will take this partnership with Azure.

Google Cloud

GCP::CloudFunctions – Java 11 comes to Cloud Functions Beta

Java 11 is now supported in Google Cloud Functions beta. You can use cloud functions with Google’s Cloud Functions Framework or Spring Cloud Functions.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean::Blog – Latest products and features for May

Digital Ocean released a summary of products and features released in May on their blog. Some of these did not get a full announcement on their own so it’s worth reviewing the list. The main highlights are the new SFO-3 datacenter and the release of VPC functionality.


HashiCorp::Terraform – Kubernetes provider now in Alpha

While the Kubernetes provider has been in pre-release for a while, this is the first official alpha release from Hashicorp. The provider makes use of a new Kubernetes feature called Server Side Apply which is set to become the default merging algorithm in a future Kubernetes version.

The Kubernetes provider is not yet on the Terraform registry but you can download it manually from Github if you want to try the alpha release.

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