Weekly Roundup: May 22nd, 2020

This Week in DevOps – Azure released Arc Kubernetes in preview. Google Cloud announced a preliminary schedule for Cloud Next 2020 OnAir and HashiCorp released recordings and slides from the HashiTalks Africa virtual conference. AWS and Digital Ocean had no new announcements.


Azure::Arc – Kubernetes Preview

Azure Arc is a management layer which enables you to run Azure services on your own hardware, other clouds and even in edge computing scenarios. This preview release brings Kubernetes support to Arc.

Most CNCF certified Kubernetes distributions work out of the box with Arc. Azure has also partnered with Red Hat, Rancher Labs and Canonical as key integration partners.

Google Cloud

GCP::Next – OnAir Next 2020 starting July 14th

Like most conferences this year, Google Cloud Next has been moved online. Cloud Next 2020 will start on July 14th and offer weekly sessions until Sept 8th.

Google’s decision to run weekly session rather than a single week long conference is an interesting choice. It may prevent attendee burn out since nobody really sits through a week long conference online. On the other hand opportunities for real time networking and connection will likely be even more impacted than normal online conferences under this model.


HashiCorp::Talks – HashiTalks Africa now live

HashiCorp has posted all the talks from HashiTalks Africa online. Slides are also available here. 17 African nations participated in the talks this year. HashiCorp also open sourced their digital event planning process in a GitHub repo here.

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