Weekly Roundup: May 8th, 2020

This Week in DevOps – AWS IoT Core jobs get a 90% price reduction, Azure rolls out a new VMware solution and Google Cloud GKE now supports Windows Server containers. In addition Hashicorp has taken official ownership of the Visual Studio Code Extension for Terraform.


AWS::Elasticsearch – Announcing Ultrawarm for Elasticsearch

Ultrawarm is a new low cost storage tier for Elasticsearch. AWS claims it will cost approximately one-tenth of the current Elasticsearch storage tier.

Data access and throughput will presumably be slower on Ultrawarm as it’s backed by S3 storage and uses the AWS Nitro System for caching, pre-fetch and queries. The maximum storage size is 3 petabytes and it looks like it’s primarily optimized for log ingestion and analysis.

Ultrawarm is now available globally in 22 AWS Regions.

AWS::IoTCore – IoT Jobs 90% Price reduction globally

IoT Jobs just got a 90% price reduction across all regions. AWS is known for passing along savings to customers as they scale, but it’s not entirely clear why they chose to make such a radical price cut for IoT jobs specifically.

Under the old scheme IoT Jobs were priced at $0.03 per action. The new pricing scheme charges $0.003 per action for the first 250,000 actions per month and then $0.0015 per action after the first 250,000 in any one month billing period.


Azure::VMware – Next generation VMware solution for Azure

Azure has released their next generation VMware solution to select regions in the USA and Europe. Azure claims that this solution makes VMware migrations to Azure cloud seamless and allows companies to leverage existing Vmware investments while reaping the benefits of cloud adoption. Currently you can use it in the US East and West Europe regions with more on the roadmap to be announced soon.

This release seems early given the spotty regional support but it may have been accelerated by the growing number of customers moving their on-prem VMware workloads to the cloud.

Google Cloud

GCP::GKE – Windows Server Containers now generally available

Google has moved support for Windows Server containers from preview to general availability this week. This comes a week after Azure moved Windows Server containers to general availability status for their competing AKS offering.

The overall trend seems to be towards courting enterprise users for Kubernetes based offerings. Azure has a natural advantage in this space given Microsoft’s enterprise reach but Google has more developer goodwill so it will be interesting to see which one comes out ahead.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean::Blog – April features summary

We just started covering Digital Ocean announcements last week when they announced their VPC offering, however they have been busy in April announcing quite a few new features and offerings. I thought that their April announcements summary would be interesting to our readers so I am including it here. Have a look if you are a current DO customer or considering running workloads on DO in the future.


HashiCorp::Terraform – Terraform extension for VSCode now officially supported

HashiCorp now officially supports the Terraform extension for Visual Studio Code. The extension was previously maintained by an individual but the repository has now been transferred to Hashicorp.

The extension is open source and you can view the repository under HashiCorps Github account here. Hopefully this will allow Hashicorp to keep the extension up to date with the latest HCL features in the future.

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