Weekly Roundup: April 24th, 2020

This week in DevOps AWS has a new region, service and open source tool. Azure rolled out enhancements to Archive Storage and HashiCorp released a Cloud Engineering Certification program. Google Cloud did not make any major announcements this week.


AWS::TorchServe – Open Source Model Server for PyTorch

TorchServe was developed by AWS and Facebook and released as open source via the PyTorch project. It allows you to serve PyTorch models quickly and easily using cloud or on-prem hardware.

To get started check out the official Github repository here.

AWS::Region – Cape Town Now Open

This new region currently supports most major AWS services with plans for more coming soon. AWS seems to be pushing their presence in Africa lately and has said they plan to open more regions on the continent soon.

This region is comprised of 3 availability zones and the API code is af-south-1. Cape Town is the 23rd AWS region and the first in Africa.

AWS::AppFlow – Now Available

AWS AppFlow is an integration layer between SaaS applications and AWS services. It’s not clear exactly how many applications are supported but Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow are mentioned in the release.

AppFlow is capable of using AWS PrivateLink where supported by the SaaS app which means that data stays on the AWS network all the way to the customer. Data transfers can be scheduled, event driven or on demand.

AWS::Transfer – Now Supports FTP and FTPS in Addition to SFTP

FTP and FTPS have been added to Transfer’s list of supported protocols. There are many scientific and legacy applications which support FTP or FTPS only and this will allow companies to ingest that data with AWS Transfer more easily.


Azure::ArchiveStorage – Enhancements now generally available

With this update users of Archive Storage can now pay extra for priority retrieval of archived data. Blob storage uploads now support direct upload to hot, cold and archive tiers and data blobs can now be copied within the same tier.


HashiCorp::Certifications – Announcing Cloud Engineering Certifications

HashiCorp is dipping their toes into the certification business with a dual certification offering. At launch they are offering online live proctored certifications for Security Automation and Infrastructure Automation with a Networking Automation certificate marked as coming soon.

The Infrastructure cert is predictably focused on Terraform while the Security cert is focused on Vault. Certs cost $70.50 USD plus tax and come with a digital badge which can be displayed on your website or blog. Learn more and/or sign up at the official program overview page here.

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