Weekly Roundup: April 17th, 2020

This week in DevOps AWS EFS now supports container level mounts in Fargate. That’s it for this week. There were no other major announcements from Google Cloud, Azure or Hashicorp. In keeping with our promise to be brief and succinct we will only cover actual announcements of interest, not PR pieces regurgitating existing information. Stay safe and feel free to email me with suggestions to make this newsletter more useful for you.


AWS::EFS – Now supports ECS Fargate

Using EFS with ECS previously required you to run your own ECS cluster and mount the EFS filesystem on the EC2 instances. To use EFS you had to mount the container filesystem to the correct folder on the host. This update allows you to mount EFS file systems directly in containers. This means you can now use EFS with ECS Fargate (Where you do not have access to the host filesystem).

The announcement does not specify whether this will also work with EKS (Kubernetes) Fargate but the mounts appear to be on the container level. Given this it seems likely that this will work for EKS also. If you have definitive information about this please let me know and I will send an update next week.

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