Weekly Roundup: March 23rd, 2020

This week in DevOps we have new features for Elasticache Redis on AWS, gRPC comes to Google Cloud’s Cloud Run and Cloud Next has been postponed. Azure released a new preview version of Connection Monitor and HashiCorp released an alpha version of a Terraform Kubernetes Operator. Read on to learn about these things and more.


AWS::ElastiCache – Global Datastore for Redis

ElastiCache Redis clusters can now be replicated in up to two additional regions. This ostensibly allows latency sensitive data to be stored closer to end users.

Right now single node clusters are cannot be replicated but they can be upgraded to a replicated cluster before adding additional regions. This should be quite useful for companies which are required to replicate data to multiple regions for compliance purposes.


GoogleCloud::CloudRun – gRPC comes to CloudRun

gRPC is an alternative to the HTTP protocol developed at Google and used by companies like Netflix and Cisco. Serverless workloads on CloudRun can now receive and send gRPC requests in addition to HTTP.

Support for gRPC on CloudRun is still evolving. It does not currently support streaming for example. Google has provided several examples in various languages to help you get started.

GoogleCloud::CloudNext – Postponed

This won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s followed the news about the Corona Virus lately, but I thought it was worth a mention. A new date has not yet been announced, with Google simply stating that they are committed to holding the Cloud Next event when the timing is right.


Azure::ConnectionMonitor – Unified network monitoring now in preview

This new version of Connection Monitor supports Azure based and hybrid network monitoring. It appears to work as a proxy monitoring traffic from all your VMs and datastores and their connections to each other and the public internet.

Connection Monitor is free to use in preview and Azure has stated that pricing information will be available soon.

Azure::VisualStudioCode – Deploy to Azure Extension

This extension for VSCode works with GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines. Using the extension developers can generate a yaml file with suggested build actions for either platform, then extend or modify it as desired.

The extension is free and open source and can be installed by searching for it in the VSCode extensions marketplace.

Azure::DataLakeStorage – Filesystem SDKs now generally available

Azure has released Python, .NET, Java and JavaScript SKSs for the Data Lake Storage Filesystem Gen2. Previously customers were limited to using a REST API for filesystem updates.

With the release of these SDKs full filesystem CRUD operations are now supported.


HashiCorp::Terraform – Operator for Kubernetes; Alpha Release

HashiCorp has released an alpha version of a Terraform Operator for Kubernetes. The operator uses Terraform Cloud to process Kubernetes resource creation and generate custom resource definitions.

The operator works with Terraform Cloud free or paid accounts. This is a huge step forward in managing Kube resources and workloads with Terraform. HashiCorp has provided a Helm Chart for the Kubernetes Operator which you can review.

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