Weekly Roundup: March 16th, 2020

This week in DevOps announcements were fairly light, no doubt partially due to the CoronaVirus. I hope everyone is staying safe and working from home for a bit. If you have some time to kill read on to learn more about a new container focused OS from Amazon, a new platform for ML pipelines from Google Cloud and a new Consul service on Azure released by Hashicorp.


AWS::BottleRocket – Open Source OS for Container Hosting

AWS has introduced a new OS focused on container hosting. It supports Docker containers and containers based on the OCI (Open Container Initiative) format. BottleRocket does not use a package manager, instead it uses images as the basis for OS level packages.

The default package set is minimal and the filesystem is primarily read only. SSH access is discouraged but can be enabled as a special admin only container for troubleshooting.

Amazon released has an EKS quickstart guide here if you’d like to give BottleRocket a test run.


GoogleCloud::CloudAI – Introducing Platform Pipelines

Platform Pipelines are a set of tools to manage ML pipelines in a more scalable manner. They offer seamless integration with Google Cloud favorites such as BigQuery, CloudFunctions and DataFlow.

Enterprise features such Logging, Versioning and Artifact Metadata tracking are also included. Google describes Platform Pipelines as a 2 part system; an Enterprise ready framework for running pipelines paired with a set of tools for pipeline debugging and development.

Overall the announcement is very GoogleCloud focused so it’s not clear whether this will be particularly useful for multi-cloud customers or how easy it would be to export results.


HashiCorp::Consul – Announcing HashiCorp Consul Private Beta on Azure

This service is in preview mode and it’s also a private beta so it may not be quite ready for production but it should help lower the overhead of running Consul. To use this you first have to be whitelisted by the HashiCorp SRE team, after filling out a form here.

Once whitelisted you will be able to find Consul in the Azure marketplace by doing a normal search. It will still have the preview warning attached but should be quite interesting for test or beta environments. This service deploys with a secure by default configuration and integrates with AKS plus the normal HashiCorp suite of tools.

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