Weekly Roundup: December 9th

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No new launches or major news from AWS this week, looks like they announced everything at re:Invent. In case you missed last weeks email you can check out this blog post put out by AWS after re:Invent: AWS re:Invent Summary. Or check out our summary post for the highlights.


GoogleCloud::Anthos – Migrate

Migrate for Anthos encapsulates existing legacy application VMs and wraps them for GKE deployment. This seems to be a play at capturing enterprise workloads where the company doesn’t want to containerize but wants the benefits of Kubernetes. This is a reasonable proposition but seems like a very niche market.


Azure::ProximityPlacementGroups – General Availability

Azure Proximity Placement Groups are now generally available. These groups allow you to place logical infrastructure groupings close to one another in a data center for extra low latency. This appears to be targeted at applications like SAP HANA that are latency sensitive since normal latency is fine for most workloads and not that noticeable by end users.

Azure::Spot – Virtual Machines in Preview

This replaces the current low-priority VM sets. Existing low-priority VMs will be transitioned automatically. The actual spot mechanisms and pricing seem to be comparable to AWS spot instances very roughly speaking. The types of workloads you’d want to run with these (Batch and one off temporary jobs) is also the same as other spot offerings.


HashiCorp::Scholarship – HashiDays Sydney and HashiDays EU

Applications are now open for scholarships to attend HashiDays Sydney and HashiDays EU. Applicants will be considered based on 3 criteria:

  • Need
  • Value
  • Impact

HashiDays EU will accept global applicants while HashiDays Sydney will accept regional applicants only. You can learn more and apply here. The deadline for applications is January 10th 2020.

Terraform::Cloud – Improved User Management

User can now be invited from the Terraform Cloud Web UI and viewed in a unified interface. Invites are based on email and can be accepted or rejected by the invitee.

Users can also view all organizations which they are a part of a switch between them on the home page. This will prove useful for consultants and users in organizations with multiple sub-accounts.

That’s all this week folks. Going into the Christmas holidays announcements may be light. If there aren’t enough announcements prior to the new year this may be the last update we send. If that’s the case we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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