Weekly Roundup: November 4th

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AWS::Region Spain is in the works scheduled for 2022

A new AWS region is in the works, scheduled for 2022 in Spain. This is especially interesting for anyone looking to comply with GDPR and host customer data in the EU. You could already use Germany or Ireland of course, but more options is always a good thing. Hopefully their operating cost in Spain will be lower resulting in cheaper regional rates.

AWS::EC2 New sizes available for C5d instances and bare metal option

This adds a new larger C5d instance size (24xlarge) and a mid range option (12xlarge). Bare metal is also a nice addition for those in need of maximum performance, but it comes at a cost. Previously the largest C5d instance size was 18xlarge.


GCP::Preemptible VMs and GPUs

If your timing is flexible, preemptible VMs and GPUs can give you significant cost savings. This is GCP’s version of spot instances, except they allow you to reserve in advance and they will run when capacity is available. An interesting model that may cut down on some of the annoyances that using spot instances entails.


Azure::Arc Run Azure datastores on any Kubernetes Cluster

This is a really interesting development for Hybrid customers. Historically one of the biggest challenges with running Hybrid cloud/on-prem systems was keeping data up to date. Arc helps solve this problem by bringing the same datastores you use on Azure to your COLO or on-prem infrastructure.


Hashicorp::Terraform Cloud and Enterprise now support Azure DevOps

Azure Devops has been picking up steam lately, especially in the enterprise space. This will allow companies using Terraform and Azure DevOps to seamlessly support both systems without clunky custom integrations or scripts. An open source Azure Marketplace Terraform task is also reportedly in the works.

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