Weekly Roundup: October 28th

Welcome to This Week in DevOps where I bring you the top news in the DevOps world every Monday morning. This is a relatively new endeavour so your feedback or suggestions for improvement are welcomed.


AWS::Cloudfront now has over 200 points of presence across the world

This is a big deal for those operating in or providing services to developing countries as it gives faster edge access to that demographic. Another price decrease was also announced, which is a pretty regular pattern with AWS as they become more efficient and reap the benefits of economy of scale.

AWS::CloudWatch now supports anomaly detection

This isn’t likely to send users scrambling for the DataDog cancellation button yet, but it’s nice to know they are still working on CloudWatch and actively developing new features. Someday it may be competitive with third party data and monitoring services but it’s not exactly there yet.


GCP::CloudAI now supports custom containers running on GKE

This allows you to run any machine learning framework in any language via the container of your choice. It’s also faster and comes with an NVIDIA GPU option. They also support their entire range of GCE instances sizes now.


Azure::Dapr Distributed Application Runtime Alpha Release

Azure has open sourced a distributed application runtime with broad language support. It’s built for edge computing and runs on Kubernetes. Currently open sourced as an alpha release, so yo probably don’t want to run this in production yet. But it will be interesting to see where it goes in the next 6 months or so.


Hashicorp::Terraform Plugin SDK

Hashicorp recently released their Terraform Plugin SDK. This one technically happened a few weeks ago, but it’s exciting and worthy of note. This should open up the world of Terraform Plugin Development and will probably mean we will see more exciting plugins like the Dominos Pizza Plugin soon. Because if you don’t manage your pizza deliveries via Terraform and check it into Github, do you even Devops? 

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